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BRING THE SENSI COME - Johnny Osbourne

Cat No.: LP-19079

Title & Artist : BRING THE SENSI COME - Johnny Osbourne ::
Format : LP ::
Label : Midnight Rock ::
Genre : Reggae ::
Released : 1980s ::
Condition : EX (Worn cover edges) ::
Matrix : N/A ::
Track Listing : SIDE 1 >>
1. Bring Me Sensi
2. Let Him Go
3. Going Your Way

SIDE 2 >>
1. Bad Ma Ma Jamma
2. Rub A Dub Session
3. Little Girl Come Home
Description : Reggae vocal LP produced by Nkrumah "Jah" Thomas. JA original ::


Content From left to right:Vin Gordon,Don Drummond,Joe Isaacs,King Stitt,Bongo Herman,Coxsone Dodd,Theo Beckford. WE ARE WELL AND STILL POSTING AS NORMAL. Thank you so much for your support and your patience if your order is taking longer to reach you than usual. Stay home, stay safe, and enjoy your vinyl.